WeVideo Classroom - Help!

I’m set up to use WeVideo Classroom. I’m so geeked about this new feature! After going through all of the WeVideo tutorials with my classes and having all students explore the “Personal Editor,” my students finally received their first assignment today in the classroom. My students were not happy about the all white editor and that the media/menus were quite different.

I was surprised that the editor didn’t look like all the tutorials the students recently completed. The feedback I received is that it’s harder to read the all white screen and the zoom isn’t intuitive on the Chromebook like it is with the full feature “personal” editor. Most were unable to see the whole screen even zooming out past 50%. I’m sad because I was SO excited about using the Classroom feature to manage projects with my classes. The teacher end of the Classroom feature is REALLY awesome. It’s set up for my 11 classes. Most students abandoned the editor today and are creating their assignments in the personal editor, but now I’m unable to give any feedback or see their progress. Is there a way to use the regular personal editor AND the classroom feature? Any advice would be awesome! Thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face:!

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Hi @bethany.arsenault. I responded to your FB post as well but thought it worthwhile to respond here as well. Like I said over on FB, we value your feedback as a user and community member so your thoughts/concerns have been passed along to the team. Currently our team is looking into what might be the best way to integrate the personal space and the classroom space. We will update everyone in the community with new product features as they are announced. In the meantime, you can use the tutorials found here: https://www.wevideo.com/academy to help acclimate your students to the new editor or visit our teacher resources page for ideas on how to use the Classoom!

I know this has already been addressed but I wanted to second some of what you said Bethany. I have worked with a teacher who is trying to have her students create stop motion videos. She was excited about using WV Classroom but ran into issues with students not being able to access some of the features needed. She had to have her students switch to the Personal editor as well. The white doesn’t necessarily bother me since it easily distinguishes between the two editors but the lack of all of the features or their same locations does pose a problem.

Hi @chad.fisher. I would love to know more about which specific features students needed to complete their stop motion projects. This information will help our team understand what teachers and students need out of the Classroom product moving forward. Thanks!

Update! I am now LOVING the classroom mode now!!! I gave it another chance and it’s been a really positive experience. I’m excited to see how this feature will develop! :hugs::sparkles:


Hi @bethany.arsenault So glad you gave it another try and are loving the classroom! Stay tuned as we have even more cool features plan to be released by the start of the next school year!